GrandView Business Solutions

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Who Uses GrandView and How it Helps

Service Providers

GrandView is for organizations that seek to improve results and profits through coordinated group or team efforts.

GrandView fills a void for technical and value-added service providers, integrating project, business, and cost management with team and client collaboration in one system.

Organizations that use GrandView typically provide custom or customized solutions and services. Employees and team members can be in the same building or spread out across the world. Company or division sizes range from 5 to 500 employees.

Successful industry applications include engineering, manufacturing automation, pharmaceutical automation, software development, system integration, construction and other value added service providers.


How GrandView Helps

Keep projects on-time and budget     Project schedules with milestones
Shared online document library and message center
Real-time status and cost tracking
Communicate better internally     Project schedules with milestones
Shared online document library and message center
Keep customers informed     You can enable complete or partial access to information by group or individual
Centralize project information     Shared online document library and message center
Maintain standard project management methodology     For communications, document storage, cost and status tracking and more
Keep permanent audit trail     Keeps a non-erasable record of entries and changes
Track project status in real-time     Status reports, milestones, purchases, invoices and more
Reduce time to market     Helps keep all team members on same page with schedule, task and communication transparency
Reduce administrative overhead     With GrandView, you can enable team members to purchase needed services and components, record hours and invoice clients
Increase profit margins and capture more revenue from jobs     Reduce number of meetings through effective communication
Reduce costly errors from miscommunications
Run projects more efficiently
Reduce time looking for documents
Reduce time to determine project status
Win more contracts     Build reputation by consistently delivering project results
Manage growth     See Conquer the Chaos
Expedite receivables     Create invoice reports and invoices directly in GrandView