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Shed the projects management and collaboration overhead

Shed Project Overhead Poor project management practices waste time and money. Without good systems, you're either looking for documents and information or recovering from an error caused by miscommunications. When projects do get completed, they are late and over budget.

Implementing the wrong project management system also creates waste. Either it requires entering and maintaining too many details or it just doesn't fit how you work.

It all adds up to overhead you just don't need.

The GrandView projects management system is engineered for the multiple-project world of small- to medium-size technical and value added services providers. It allows your teams and business to focus on vital success factors, not time-consuming nano-details.

No project management staff required

There's no getting around it: to get valuable information out, you have to get good information in. GrandView gives you flexibility in this critical step so you can enjoy the benefits.

With GrandView, you can assign data entry to one person. This works well in industries like construction, where the majority of workers either do not use computers or are rarely at a desk. For most service providers, keeping projects current in GrandView is less than a full-time job.

Where staff has regular access to desktops and laptops, you can have each team member manage information in their area. They can create jobs, store documents, establish milestones and post status reports. They can even issue purchase orders and invoices. See How GrandView helps technical service providers and other project-based organizations.

Either way, you don't need a project management office or staff. RoviSys, the developer of GrandView, has grown to more than 150 people since 1989. Every employee enters and manages their projects in GrandView. Only five people—the owner, controller, office manager, receptionist and a technical assistant—do not bill clients.

Micro details not necessary

Many project management applications require painstaking entry and maintenance of job details.

GrandView is a projects management tool. It is built to handle the major data points for all the projects in your business. With GrandView, you focus on achieving milestones, tracking costs against budget and meeting deadlines—the stuff that matters.

In addition, GrandView gives you an overview of all the activity in your organization: proposals issued, proposals accepted, costs incurred, invoices issued and more.

GrandView gives you choices, not IT overhead

GrandView is available in web-hosted ASP and on-site versions. The ASP version enables you to get started quickly without dedicated IT staff or additional equipment. An on-site version is available for those who require their data be at their location rather than our secure server facility.

You want better information and results. To get there, you want a system that works how you work, that helps you focus on what matters and shed what doesn't. For technical and value-added service providers who manage multiple or complex project, the system is GrandView.