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Conquer project and team management chaos, gain accountability

Reduce Project StressIf it was easy, more than just three percent of businesses would grow beyond $1 million in annual revenues.

What keeps companies below this barrier?

For technical and value-added service providers—entities with either many or complex projects—the primary obstacle to growth is confusion resulting from ineffective communication practices.

The symptoms include varying degrees of chaos: Tasks fall through the cracks. Deadlines get missed. Budgets are exceeded. Goals are neglected. Clients go elsewhere. As a result, many service providers never grow beyond 15 or 20 employees.

The business has evolved.
Your systems haven’t.

As you grow, there is more to do and more people to manage. The interpersonal approach that brought you successfully to this point eventually fails to keep pace. To regain control and move forward, you need new systems. You must conquer the chaos.

Preparation is essential for project success, so you must be organized. But your hard work will be wasted without an information distribution system that provides verifiable delivery (in other words, not e-mail).  You also need shared access to tasks, schedules, status logs and documents—a place where team members can go any time to get up to speed, find answers, announce changes and ask for input on issues.

The system must do more than keep you on top of one project. It must enable you to manage and collaborate on all the jobs in your business as well as keep tabs on your business as a whole.

Manual and paper-based methods just can’t do all this.

Control without intrusion

Getting people to work together effectively can be a major challenge. If a group is going to achieve a goal, someone must take responsibility for coordination and leadership.

You want self motivation. You want accountability. Not just some days, but every day, systematically. You want control.

The problems come when you are seen as controlling. Today’s employees want to feel empowered, not intimidated. It is better to manage without micro-managing.

Clear communication drives accountability

GrandView can help you achieve the accountability you want without the constant intrusion staff dislikes. How? By providing: a system for clear communication; a shared location for project documents; and real-time access to job costs and status.

GrandView allows you to stay up to date on individual, job and business progress without getting into people’s faces. With tools to ensure all team members are on the same page, you can take coordinated action.

And begin to conquer the chaos that would otherwise block growth.