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Project management can save 10 to 15 percent on operating expenses: Are you there?

"Deploying web-based project management applications have potential to realize 10-15 percent cost savings and their ROI could be as high as 300 percent.", 2004


It's often difficult to quantify (or admit!) the true cost of project inefficiencies and communication breakdowns.

For example, requests for changes in a project may take weeks to go through the approval processes that require contractors, engineers and architects to add their approval on a single sheet of paper. One estimate stated that these types of issues could cost a firm more than $50,000 over the course of a one-year project.

  • Are your projects profitable?

  • Are you executing projects the same way across the board successfully? 

  • Is project information organized in one place?

  • Are documents easily accessible from anywhere (even out in the field)?

  • Can a new Project Manager fill in easily and quickly for another?

  • Can you instantly see the financial situation of a project or your business?

  • Can you easily or automatically cost labor hours to jobs?

  • Is communication beyond the squeaky wheel?

Regardless of your industry, we can all use help in this area! That's why I've been pleased to introduce you to GrandView ( over the last few months. GrandView is a cost-effective web-based solution for any organization that executes projects and wants to improve performance.