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Projects management case history: control systems integration


"We’ve been using GrandView for five years. Before that, getting the information we wanted to run the business the way we wanted was becoming increasingly frustrating and cumbersome. We wrote up a list of information


“We have a tight client base with lots of repeat business. We need to keep those clients happy. GrandView helps us do that.



Dave Franczak, president
Engineered Energy Systems
Livingston, New Jersey


 requirements and were ready to develop a system ourselves."

"Then we heard about GrandView. We did a demo. Not only did GrandView match up very well with our needs, but it actually gave us more than we anticipated. And it was an already ready-to-go-off-the-shelf product, with service and support in-place."

"They basically thought of all the things we thought of. We ordered it."

The information we need when we need it

"A strong feature in GrandView is being able to allow client access to real-time status logs and data logs of their projects."

"Before GrandView, we were bogged down trying to get the information we needed. We could only see monthly costs, and only with lots of effort. We used Excel to track projects, then a database for job information, then our accounting system for purchasing and invoicing."

"Still, we simply were not getting the information we needed when we needed it. We had no forecasting ability. As we grew, our system generated more and more overhead."

"Now we have all three—tracking, job information and job costs—working together."

"GrandView gives us real time access to current job status, the ability to accurately look at up-to-the-minute job costs, plus many other features: order entry, purchase orders, time tracking and so on. We can see were we are for the project, day, week, month or year and the business as a whole. Plus GrandView is highly customizable."

Instant access to answers

"I call GrandView professional business management software. Some companies use it for project status, others for client access. We do both and more. We rely on its reporting and project tracking to understand exactly the costs on everything going into a job."

"It’s made a word of difference. When a client calls with a question, frequently they are in a meeting. They want you to be able to answer all of their questions right then. Before GrandView, we couldn’t do that. Now we can."

"We’re 15 people. Most of our clients are in the tri-state area, but we serve a much larger region, from the Northeast to the Midwest to the Caribbean. Our focus is on industrial controls for building systems for pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing, food and beverage and utilities."

Ease of use, reporting, collaboration

"We do lots of energy management systems, industrial controls, chiller control, boiler control, clean rooms. GrandView is easy to use in the office and from remote locations. It has excellent reporting capabilities, and those reports show you up-to-the minute data. With it, we can have a virtual project meeting without having to have everybody in the same place."

"GrandView meets all the criteria our spec said EES’ professional services automation system had to meet—plus the needs we wanted to meet. And then it just keeps on going to exceed our expectations."

What is it?

"GrandView is an integrated operations, management and communications system engineered for value-added service providers by a value-added service provider. It’s business management software for project enterprises—any organization performing multiple custom projects for one or more clients."

"With GrandView, you can regain control of your business, keep track of everything that’s going on in your projects and greatly improve team and client communications."

Answer their—and your—questions now

"The heart of GrandView is its real-time project information library, where you can store and share relevant information on all your projects with employees, subcontractors, clients and anyone else you permit. With it, you can store, view and use information on daily operations like time reporting, purchasing, proposals, jobs, orders, costing, invoicing, personnel management and more. Anything that’s relevant to what you do."

"Once your real-time project information is in GrandView, you can do things with it. Like instantly answer operational questions, forecast cash flow and staffing levels, analyze projects and regain control of your company’s performance. Or quickly answer client questions about project costs or daily or hourly progress. You can even aggregate information by client, employee, division or office."

Give clients direct access to their projects

"What makes Grand View especially powerful is how easily you can share project information with clients. You can even allow them to add documents, comments, drawings and other materials. Through secure access from a web browser, they can see for themselves how their project or projects are coming, whenever they want to know."

"Instead of clients feeling like they’re always in the dark, you let them see the light of day, day after day."