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Pharmaceutical and biotechnology projects management

GrandView helps companies manage validation documentations

It is easy to understand the intense demand in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for proven project management, collaboration, document tracking and cost control systems.

The projects—whether pharmaceutical engineering, validation, drug research and development or contract manufacturing—typically involve millions of dollars, high stakes outcomes and an ever-changing team that can include outside consultants and vendors.

Add to these the regulatory compliance and you clearly need a systematic approach to the jobs at hand. You want:

  • To be sure all key project participants can access project description documents, drawings and other work files.

  • A communication system that automatically saves correspondence.

  • An acknowledgment system that verifies receipt without the pitfalls of e-mail.

  • Milestones, scheduling and alarms.

  • An audit trail so you can see who changed what, when and why.

  • Multiple levels of permissions and security.

  • Cost tracking that makes it difficult to lose time and expenses.

Projects management for people who manage pharmaceutical projects

While some staff will be working on just one project, most others, including nearly every manager, are overseeing or contributing to multiple initiatives.

Developed for and proven in pharmaceutical and other automation engineering work, GrandView provides the features required for projects with significant need for systematic collaboration, documentation and management.

Key features for pharmaceutical projects include:

  • Project message system with mandatory acknowledgment

  • Project library for all documents, drawings and other shared files

  • Secure remote access

  • Audit trail

  • Milestones, scheduling and alarms.

  • Document and cost tracking

  • The capability to easily add and delete team members

Managing pharmaceutical project change orders

Submission, approval and tracking of project change orders can create friction in any project. Complex projects put additional pressure on timelines and budgets. Requirements shift. You want clarity and an audit trail: documented discussion, estimates and approval or disproval.

GrandView captures correspondence and allows you to create shared folders specifically for change orders. Nothing can replace reviewing new requirements with the client face to face. GrandView will let you document and distribute all changes to keep your projects on track.

Project collaboration born from experience

RoviSys does work for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. GrandView has been an essential part of our success.

GrandView enables to implement your preferred way of managing projects. For instance, it allows you to run a distributed project, with frontline employees initiating purchase orders and entering and preparing their own hours for billing. Or you can restrict these operations to a central manager or managers, depending on your way of doing business.

GrandView also allows you to bring your clients and project partners as deep in to the project as you like. By managing permissions, you can wall off or make available selected information. Whatever you let others see or change, they can do so 24 hours a day from a web browser. This makes GrandView especially valuable for projects that span time zones.