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Proven projects management and collaboration for integrators

Managing system integration projects requires an integrated projects management system

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Designed by systems integrators for systems integrators, GrandView is a projects management, group collaboration and client communication solution. It enables you to successfully navigate your systems integration planning, scheduling, tracking, partnering, documentation and other project requirements.

If your value-added service business requires you to manage a portfolio of projects, GrandView works for you.

Like every systems integrator, you promise to deliver projects on time and budget. You also promise to work closely with clients and keep them informed on their projects. Those are promises you can keep when you are small.

As you grow, the chaos grows. Files get lost. Deadlines get missed. Parts aren’t ordered. Clients are left in the dark, so they call you. You quickly learn that discovering the status on just one of your company's many projects requires you to track down staff, make call after call—or call a meeting.

Eventually—usually right around 10 or 15 employees—tracking, managing and controlling multiple projects for multiple clients becomes far more than anyone can keep in their head, a spreadsheet or single-project solution.

What’s the difference between systems integration management success and failure?

Technical wizardry only goes so far. If you’re unable to get work done on time and budget, it can be difficult to survive. Planning to make money today and build your reputation for tomorrow? You’ve got to bring some firepower to managing your systems integration projects, clients and business.

It all comes down to how you manage people and projects—and how you communicate with clients.

Clients don’t want promises. They want to see that you have a systems integration management solution in place. They want to know you have a tool for project documentation, communication, time, expenses, change orders and milestones. They want to track project progress from requirements to estimate to status to completion to close-out. They want to be able review and audit past projects. They want to look in on current projects any time day or night.

And not just for one project, but for all the integration projects you manage for them. They want you to provide them with a grand view. With our GrandView, you can.

Created by a system integrator for systems integrators and value-added service providers

Built by system integrators for system integrators, GrandView gives you insight into every job your company manages, wherever in the world the work is underway. That's true whether the work is done by your employees, subcontractors or in partnership with client staff.

GrandView enables you to store all project documentation in one location. You can set and change milestones, add and delete team members. Status updates are presented in a central log and all correspondence is retained for everyone to see. You can allow clients full or restricted access. This, by the way, is through secure web password access.

With all the project management and collaboration power GrandView gives you and team, including your vendors and subcontractors, you can get your systems integration business or department back to the business of being technically good on time and on budget.

GrandView works for systems integrators of every variety: network and IT systems integrators, control system integrators, building systems integrators and more. To discuss how it might work for your business or arrange a demonstration, contact us today.