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GrandView projects management for construction companies

Commercial remodeler manages 100 jobs
simultaneously with GrandView

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construction case history


You know timing is critical at the construction site. Yet coordinating all subcontractors and vendors can be nearly impossible at times given inherent delays, weather constraints and supplier conflicts.

With GrandView, you can update the schedule in one place so all your contractors can view it and adjust accordingly. You can also share job progress online with clients all over the world by posting daily photos or other documentation of your work.

As timesheets are submitted, you can easily view job status by type of work (dry wall, clean-up, painting, plumbing), hours devoted to each as well as projected profit margin. No longer need you wait until construction is completed to see the financial health of the contract!

Win more contracts by showing prospective customers how well you're organized and how you engage them in the building process. Using GrandView to communicate with the customer will help give you the competitive edge to bring in repeat business.