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You'll Never Again Have to Ask Yourself: "Where has all the time gone?"

Every business needs a way for its employees to track and submit the number of hours worked. GrandView offers a simple solution to this problem. In addition to just tracking hours and gauging progress, data entered in Timesheet can be used for much more.

At-a-Glance Weekly and Monthly Summaries

Hour Summary
  • View the hours you've spent on a particular Project
  • Split Projects into Sub-Jobs to better suit your team's needs and skills
  • View only the data you want to see by selecting any combination of Projects or Sub-Jobs
  • Generate Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Timesheet Reports to get a handle on the bigger picture

Charge Hours to a Task Easily

Hour Entry
  • Charge hours to a Project using pre-defined or custom Task Codes
  • Be able to track your employees' experience based on their day-to-day timesheet comments
  • Monitor the number of Regular and Overtime hours that employees are using
  • Keep an eye on your team's progress in real-time - see a task's remaining hours diminish day by day
  • As tasks are marked Completed, see your Project's to-do list decrease

Submit Your Timesheet Quickly

  • Electronically submit your timesheet to your supervisor with no paper and no hassle
  • Unsubmit it with no worries if you make a mistake
  • Keep a history of submitted timesheets for reference
  • Allow employees to submit hours for a variety of time ranges (last week, last month, etc.)
  • Supervisors can electronically Approve or Reject a timesheet, as well as give employees feedback with comments