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Contact Management for Project-based Businesses

"It is not your customer's job to remember you. Make sure they don't have the chance to forget you."
— Patricia Fripp, author, motivational speaker and sales trainer

Let GrandView help you build better customer relationships by sharing contact information among all employees involved with the customer. Whether it's for business deals or just holiday cards, wouldn't it be nice to have all your employee and contact information for clients, prospects and vendors in one place?

GrandView provides a quick, intuitive interface for contact entry, allowing you to categorize contacts and easily view their information. In addition to a standard, filterable view, GrandView provides a SideBar to make creating and searching for Contacts possible from anywhere in the application!

  • Generate and easily maintain a centralized contact database for your entire company
  • Protect your client and prospect lists from employee turnover
  • Create global or personal distribution lists
  • Remind yourself or other team members to contact key accounts for follow-up
  • Track all customer or prospect interaction and make contact history accessible to other employees for better customer service
  • Easily measure your sales team's contact activity by face-to-face appointments, phone calls, emails or notes