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Resource Loading

Is anyone available to help with this new project?

Resource Loading Knowing which team members are overworked can help you determine where you need to add resources. But how do you staff new projects? In an ideal world, every employee would be loaded with nearly the same workload so nobody feels overworked or is being under-utilized. Having a central Resource Loading view, and being able to sort that view by hours of work remaining per employee, is one way GrandView can help you evenly staff your projects.

Of course the accuracy of the information depends on the quality of the information entered to start with. Having a basic estimate for Labor Hours based on your Proposal to the customer and their subsequent Order, the Project Manager assigned to lead the project would enter (and regularly update) task forecast information in the Project Settings in GrandView. From there, as each employee works on and charges time to the project, their information is automatically updated on the Resource Loading screen.