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Project Management and Keeping Your Team on the Same Page

How much are you spending to try to keep everyone on the same page?

It's often difficult to quantify or admit the true cost of project inefficiencies and communication breakdowns. Consider the following:

Project team leader
  • How much more revenue could you capture if your business was a finely-tuned machine with every project run the same way every time?
  • How much time could your company save if all project information was organized, stored in one place and accessible from anywhere—even out in the field?
  • How many surprises could be eliminated if you could routinely check the financial situation of a project while it is in progress?
  • What if you could drastically reduce the startup time and learning curve for new project managers?
  • How much time does your company spend massaging project records to extract useful information on job costs, labor hours, profitability and margin? Gathering labor hours and costing them against jobs?
  • How much time, money and aggravation could be saved if it was easier for you to coordinate activities among all the all workers, sub-contractors, client staff, consultants, managers and others working on a job?
  • What could be gained if remote workers or clients were kept consistently in the loop?
  • How many more deadlines could be met or managed if everyone had an accurate view of the latest schedule?

Effective project management is more than a throwing together a schedule and updating percent-complete figures.

That's why GrandView puts the entire project (or multiple projects) at your fingertips, from capturing time and expenses to forecasting and tracking costs to managing all the people, tasks and documents associated with each project. GrandView lets you give yourself a clear view of what should be happening, what is happening and what's next.