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Document Management for Project-based Businesses

"On average, professionals spend 50% of their time looking for information. " — Gartner, Inc.

Improve your productivity with around-the-clock access to ALL the project information you need to make good business decisions. You can place any type of file (including CAD, digital photo, Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Office) in your central GrandView library, organize by project plus unlimited subtopics and then view, update and add to them anytime from anywhere via secure web browser access.


Your team can upload and download pertinent files and even send email notifications to other team members when new files are posted. Once the project is complete, all files can be archived for future reference.

  • Manage documents the way you do business—by project
  • Access files from anywhere you can use a web browser
  • Assign security privilege levels to documents by project
  • Permanently track files even if the files are moved
  • Transmit finalized documents electronically to speed approval processes
  • Use a familiar, explorer-like interface for bulk file management
  • Attach files to sales proposals, contacts, companies, and purchase orders