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Client Collaboration for Projects-based Service Providers

Take care of the customer, or somebody else will.

Imagine the confidence customers will have in you when you offer them an open-door policy, giving them access to view real-time project status from anywhere in the world. With GrandView, you can truly partner with your customer so the results exceed expectations.

  • Engage your client in the project via access to schedules, project status logs, and files that you deem accessible
  • Gain a competitive edge and win contracts by showcasing your organization's methods and project management skills
  • Show your clients that you're taking care of them and their investment
  • Mitigate risk with a reliable audit trail
  • Eliminate "surprises" by documenting all project history
  • Drive traffic to your website and promote your business by seamlessly linking the GrandView log-in page to your website
  • Notify your client via email of electronic document transmittals, approvals, status changes or schedule updates