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Configuration Management for Projects

"Change is inevitable. Change is constant." — Benjamin Disraeli

Documentation, software, and products built for customers have a tendency to change over time. Some items may require the integration of frequent changes every day or week, while others may have infrequent changes over a span of a couple years. Regardless, it makes good sense to use a robust system for tracking changes to digital and physical media over time.

Keeping track of due dates can also become a challenge when a project involves many deliverable items. Having a plan to ensure project components are delivered on time, and making it easy for customers to access their secure electronic content, is a sure way to keep happy customers coming back.

  • Track changes to documents, software, and hardware
  • Build a plan for completing project items by specified deadlines
  • Allow customers to see your plan without viewing digital media until completion
  • Transmit finalized documents and software electronically
  • Track shipments of hardware sent to customers

Having trouble locating your project equipment? We've expanded the capabilties of Configuration Management to track project equipment and shipments. This new feature allows you to automatically account for received purchases and enter non-purchased equipment so you and your customers will know where their project assets are located at any given time during the project.