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Standards Library

Centralize company procedures, standards and reusable components.

As a company grows, more consistent and efficient means of completing tasks become required. Additionally, a growing list of policies, procedures, and standards arise to meet the demands of more employees. Capturing the experience and knowledge of employees as well as the company culture is a critical component to continuous growth. A central store of all this information is necessary to make sure that it gets distributed to the intended recipients in a timely and accurate manner. Once in place, maintaining this information becomes an ongoing process.

The GrandView Standards Library provides a central location to store your company procedures, standards, and reusuable components. Whether you need to train new employees, provide a standard methodology for consistency, or just share knowledge gained through experience, the Standards Library allows company documents to be easily distributed to your employees. Items in the Standards Library can be used in Training courses as well as other areas of GrandView to provide easy access for employees to obtain the lastest revisions. You can define and track the process of item revision development with review cycles and then release completed revisions to your employees for instant notification and access.