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Track billing and accounts receivable.

Prompt invoicing leads to increased cash flow. However, sometimes getting invoices out and getting paid is a project in itself. Knowing what project costs to invoice and being able to gather up the necessary information to justify invoiced items is much easier when all the information is in one place. Once invoices are out, tracking them and following up on aging accounts is a necessary evil for getting paid.

Since GrandView tracks project costs with the variety of informative views, all the invoicing information is centrally located with the project. In addition, these costs can be accounted for by allowing them to be marked as invoiced. Project invoices can be easily created and tracked for transfer to accounts receivable. Accounts receivable aging and other invoicing reports are also provided for tracking and evaluation purposes. Whether or not you use GrandView to complete your invoicing, the project costing tools are valuable for streamlining the billing process to expedite customer invoice payments.