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Business Management

Do you have the information you need at the right time to make a well-informed decision?
Business Management

Managers, directors, and executives are always looking for key business indicators to help them predict the future. In this information age, not having all the relevant data at a critical business juncture can be the difference between a profit and a loss. You need to be able to efficiently forecast, view financial summary information, and manage purchasing and invoicing in order to successfully manange your business. Since you cannot manage the business on your own, you need the decision-makers to see this information as it relates to them.

While accounting systems tell you about your financial past, GrandView helps you manage your business in near real-time by allowing you to forecast key financial information while measuring that forecast up against actual information. Although you may have other systems in place to handle your day-to-day procurement and billing tasks, combining this information with other job costing information gives you a complete real-time financial picture. Click the links on the left to learn more about how GrandView can help your business management team.