GrandView Business Solutions

Pricing - Other Services

Since a business solution is more than just purchasing a product, we provide additional services to help you start earning a return on your investment. See below for a brief description of services or click here to learn more about all of the services that GrandView Business Solutions has to offer.nformation, see Installation Services.

Installation and Setup

Installation costs depend on the hosting model selected while setup costs can depend on the products selected. The remotely hosted model requires very little installation since no new hardware or software is necessary. However, a locally hosted model may require onsite support which is typically billed at cost. Setup involves obtaining the necessary data to configure GrandView. Occassionally, setup may require consulting or a custom implementation plan (which is covered under Professional Services) if an overall business solution is necessary. For more information, see Installation Services.

Professional Services

Professional services are necessary when there is a need to define a custom implementation plan for GrandView deployment. Professional services may include evaluating existing business solutions, defining company procedures and processes, training, and customization services. These services are typically quoted up front as part of the original contract and may also be purchased at any time.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and suuport is included in the hosted model. We will apply periodic updates and maintain the hardware and software necessary to run GrandView on our hosting server. A local installation with a software lease will typically include the cost of maintenance and support. For purchases, a maintenance contract is required for maintenance and support and may be included in the base price.

Support Level Description
Basic Regular maintenance updates and support response within one business day.
Extended Basic level benefits plus priority support response.
Premium Extended level benefits plus 24 hour support.