GrandView Business Solutions


The GrandView product is priced based upon the number of licenses needed for a particular product in the suite. Pricing varies depending on the hosting model and services that best fits your needs. To get pricing for your application, you can generate a general quote and optionally submit a form to a sales representative for a detailed quote. See below for more information regarding hosting models and discounts.

Hosting Models

Since GrandView is a web-based project management and business solution, the most common way to take advantage of the features is to have it hosted on our server. In this model, we host and maintain the web application, your files, and the database on our secure servers. Pricing for this model is by monthly subscription. Click here for more information on the different hosting models.


You can pay for GrandView quarterly, semi-annually or annually. A three-month minimum contract is required and you can receive discounts according to your contract length:

Contract Length Discount*
6 Months 5%
1 Year 10%
2 Years 20%


*To receive a discount, contracts must be paid in full within 30 days of contract signature.