GrandView Business Solutions

Hosting Models

Since GrandView is a web-based project management and business solution, the only software required by the end user is a web browser. The web application can be hosted remotely on our server or it can be hosted locally on your server. The software is available for a monthly subscription or for purchase in a local installation.

Remotely Hosted Model

The most common and cost-effective way to take advantage of the features is to have it hosted remotely on our server. In this Software as a Service (SaaS) model, we host and maintain the web application, your files, and the database on our secure servers so you do not have to purchase and maintain the required server hardware and software in addition to the GrandView product. This saves you time and money. An added benefit is more frequent updates so that you can take advantage of new features. Pricing for this model is by monthly subscription service. For this model, you can also select the amount of disk space that you need for your files. Basic support is included in this model. See below for advantages of this model:

  • Lower cost of ownership with no maintenance costs
  • Maximize the efficiencies of scale
  • Effortless and frequent updates
  • Access is available from anywhere there is internet access

Locally Hosted Models

If remote hosting does not fit your needs, GrandView can also be hosted at your site. In this model, your company would be required to have the necessary hardware and software as well as internet services in place to host GrandView. Your company would also be required to maintain GrandView in addition to the required server hardware and software. Click here to view the current requirements to host GrandView at your site. Pricing for this model is by monthly subscription (software lease) for a set contract period. Software updates and basic support is included for monthly subscriptions. Purchase arrangements are also available and a maintenance contract is required for software updates and support. See below for advantages of this model:

  • Local access to your data
  • Control over hardware and software maintenance
  • Increased flexibility for customization